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At Ollivier People & Development we develop high performing leaders, inspired careers and great places to work.  We deliver this through a combination of individual & group coaching programs, facilitating management training & company strategy workshops and by leveraging great technology.

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Developing leadership capability and career success through 1:1 and group coaching.


Do your leadership and management team have the people skills, capability and strategy to deliver team performance?


How can you leverage technology to support your talent strategy?

What we do /


Our 1 to 1 and group coaching programs are designed to unleash the potential of your people, stretch their capability, inspire their work and ultimately improve performance.

We take a bespoke approach for the development of each person we support and bring a commercial lens and results focus to all of our coaching programs.  We are striving for measurable outcomes, personal development and organisational performance.

Our flexible delivery model supports both face-to-face and remote coaching as increasingly we are meeting the demands of busy schedules and teams spanning global markets.

Ollivier People & Development Ltd operates to coaching standards as set out in the ICF Code of Ethics.

Executive Coaching

Our executive 1:1 support focuses on unlocking individual potential and gives consideration to the wider organisational landscape and objectives.

Leadership Coaching

Invest in the potential of your leadership team and the next generation of people managers.  We coach to develop strategic thinking, self awareness, communication skills and how to drive team performance and engagement.

Career Coaching

We coach people leaders to meet their career succession objectives and to onboard successfully into new roles ensuring their long term success with the business.

Career Transition

We support business professionals experiencing career change, whether through redundancy or otherwise, to explore their future career opportunities and to successfully navigate the job market.

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What we do /


At Ollivier People & Development we offer a range of group facilitation solutions to support executive and leadership groups to lift management capability, deliver business performance and create highly engaged teams. 

Although we use our own delivery frameworks we take a bespoke approach to each business we support ensuring specific requirements are met.

All of our management development workshops and group coaching sessions have now been adapted to be delivered via Zoom should your business need an alternative to the office meeting space.

Management Development

Our interactive management development workshops are designed to leave leaders and managers with the tools and frameworks to have effective performance and development related conversations with their teams.

Group Coaching

Group coaching provides a collaborative environment which promotes strategic thinking and learning. Leaders benefit from the insights, challenge and contributions of their peers.  


Bringing together the executive and senior team we facilitate the creation and alignment or your business strategy and workshop how to cascade your objectives through the business.

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It’s no surprise that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in how organisations connect with and manage talent.  The modern workforce is agile, mobile and geographically dispersed and as a result managing performance and engagement have become complex endeavours.

Organisations have taken great strides to leverage technology to support their people strategy.  Technology is enabling networks of talent to be developed and engaged with across international markets, rich media is being utilized to promote employment brands and attract the latest up-and-coming star, while mobile apps allow employees to share real-time feedback on progress, performance and well-being.

At Ollivier we often identify opportunities with our clients where technology can play an important role in supporting their talent strategy across the spectrum of the employment lifecycle.  As a result, we have developed relationships with a portfolio of technology partners that we can introduce should the need arise.

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